Folkavit Drop


Vitamin A 1500 IU., Vitamin D3 400 IU., Vitamin B1 1.5mg. Vitamin B2 1.5mg., VitaminB6 1mg., Vitamin B5 3mcg., Vitamin C 40mg., Vitamin E 2.5mg., Vitamin B12 -2mcg., Choline 2.5mg., Folic Acid 10mcg., DHA 10mg., Molyvdenum 40mcg., Biotin 20mcg., L-Lysine 20mg., Zinc 3mg., Manganese 10mcg., Sodium 10mcg., Calcium 0.30mg., Lodine 45mcg., Copper 60mcg., Potassicum 14mcg., Magnesium 0.7mg.



  • Improve child’s Health and mental Performance
  • The Ultimate immune booster
  • Keeps Bone & Teeth Healthy
  • Improve brain function
  • Dellicious Mix Fruit Flavour

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Weight 50 g


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