Kavifit (30 Tab)

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Garcinia Cambogia: 350mg, Green Coffe Bean: 100mg, Green Tea Extract: 150mg, Guggul: 100mg, Triphala: 100mg, Apple cidar vinegar: 100mg, L-Carnitine: 50mg



  • Get fit with bestever combination
  • It reduces appetite, triggers metabolism, burn fat and maintain healthy weight
  • Reduce weight effortlessly
  • 90 days therapy provide utmost effective result
  • Most promising herbal content
  • Just two tablet in a day

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Weight 50 g

5 reviews for Kavifit (30 Tab)

  1. Mrugesh Desai

    I used Kavifit for 3 months, along with diet and exercise, and lost 9kgs. It suppressed my appetite and increased workout energy. While KAVIFIT TAB helped, lifestyle changes were crucial for sustained weight loss. A holistic approach, combining balanced diet, KAVIFIT TAB, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments, is essential.

    Mrugesh Desai
  2. Namrata Shah

    KAVIFIT serves as an energy supplement, offering
    ease of use. It aids in detoxification, releasing HCA
    for effective weight loss. It curbs hunger, aiding
    weight management, and improves digestion. This
    Garcinia Cambogia supplement also reduces fat
    accumulation. KAVIFIT tablets are essential;
    they’ve significantly improved my health and made
    a noticeable difference. Highly recommended for
    its benefits.

    Namrata Shah
  3. Bhavna Patel

    Due to my PCOS condition, my doctor recommended
    KAVIFIT for weight management. Aware of its
    metabolism-boosting and fat burning properties, I
    integrated KAVIFIT into my journey. Initially taking 2
    tabs BD for 15 days, then 1 BD, alongside a balanced diet,
    no fast food, meditation, and mild exercise for three
    months. I experienced increased energy levels and
    productive workouts. With KAVIFIT’s support, I lost 8 Kg
    in three months. While it was a game changer, I also
    focused on diet and fitness. KAVIFIT provided an edge,
    but consistency and lifestyle adjustments were key to

    Bhavna Patel
  4. Ritesh Suthar

    KAVIFIT tablets are easy to swallow with no distinct flavor.
    Using them for 15 days, four times a day, I’ve noticed a
    positive shift in my eating habits, reducing cravings and
    snacking. While my appetite remains, hunger pangs have
    lessened, likely aiding eventual weight loss. Increased water
    intake due to heightened thirst has boosted metabolism. Being
    100% herbal with natural ingredients, KAVIFIT is effective
    and side-effect-free, addressing weight loss and digestion. I
    feel lighter and more active. Highly recommended.

    Ritesh Suthar
  5. Hirangi Mehta

    Initially skeptical, I tried KAVIFIT on a friend’s
    recommendation, and it exceeded my expectations. Visible
    changes within a week left me extremely happy and
    satisfied. For effective results, this is the product to
    consider. I highly recommend it as a game-changer.

    Hirangi Mehta
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